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IT NEVER RAINS IN SUNNY CALIFORNIA (John Elliot) Spike Jones & his City Slickers (vocal: Carl Grayson & Red Ingle) - 1943) There are some things which never will happen, I'm sure you'll agree Like Crosby's horses winning races, and Benny playing The Bee. But here in Hollywood there's one thing on which you can bank every time, Because it never, never happens, I'll bet my very last dime That it never rains in sunny California, How true, how true, how true; It never rains in sunny California, But what a lot of dew! The sun is shining all the time, It shines where e'er you float, The scenery is so lovely to see if you own a glass bottom boat. But it never rains in sunny California, the sun shines all the time. (Spike Jones type musical break) (Sneeze) It dever raids id Suddy Califordia (Wheeze) Of course dot, How perfectly absurd (Sneeze) It dever raids id suddy Califordia (Hack) The Chaber of Cobberce (Sneeze) give you their word. (Cough) The liquid sud keeps pourin down, It's so hard to explaid. If you're not a Califordian (Sniff) you'd swear that it was raid. But it dever raids in suddy Califordia (Wheeze) No, I heard some people say (Huff) that it dever raids in Suddy California As they swam past me out the Valley the other day. And id my back yard I had a victory garden, fresh ad green. I went out there this morning and found a Japanese submarine! But it dever raids in Suddy Califordia. IT'S A CLOUDBURST all the -- uh uh uh (Sneeze hack) time. (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - October 2005)


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