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I TOLD YOU SO (Words by Lew Brown / Music by Albert Von Tilzer, 1920) I remember when you went away, how I begged and pleaded that you stay, You just laughed at me you wanted to be free Everything I told you has come true, now if I wanted to, how I could laugh at you. You said you had nothing to regret, you thought you could easily forget, You knew right along that you were in the wrong I could treat you as you treated me, but I can plainly see, you're sorry as can be. You're so blue and lonesome too, I told you so. No one else can comfort you I told you so I said that you would pine, and miss this love of mine but you didn't care, you wouldn't play fair and still I loved you so Life for you is one sad song I told you so. You admit that you were wrong, You ought to know you flew around from tree to tree but when you couldn't get the love you got from me you started longing for the days that used to be I told you so.


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