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I TOOK MY HARP TO A PARTY Noel Gay (m) Desmond Carter (l) 1934 as rec by by Harry Fay w Billy Cotton & his Band 1934 also rec by - Gracie Fields w Peter Yorke & his Orch '49 Lesley Sarony Christmas is coming, (Christmas is coming) Christmas is coming again; That never thrills me, The though of it chills me, I tell you it fills me with pain! It makes me remember A Christmas gone by, When I was extremely upset; A night in December, An evening that I Would very much like to forget! For I took my harp to a party, But nobody asked me to play; The others were jolly and hearty, But I wasn't feeling so gay! They might have said, "Play us a tune we can sing", But somehow I don't think they noticed the thing! For I took my harp to a party, But nobody asked me to play, So I took the darned thing away! They asked Mrs Morgan To play a mouth organ, Somebody else did a dance. They let Mrs Carter Perform a sonata, But I wasn't given a chance! A north country person Called Sandy Mcpherson Played bagpipes and took off his coat, While both the Miss Fawcetts Burst out of their corsets In trying to take a top note! They sang "'Ome Sweet 'Ome" and "The Banks Of Loch Lomond", Then "All The King's Horses" and "Trees", While nephews and nieces Kept playing their pieces, And spreading their jam on the keys! A daughter called Lena Played her concertina, We all played ridiculous games! Till old Mr Dyer set his whiskers on fire, And the fire engine played on the flames, oh! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2011)


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