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IT'S A BIG OLD GOOFY WORLD John Prine Up in the morning Work like a dog Is better than sitting Like a bump on a log Mind all your manners Be quiet as a mouse Some day you'll own a home That's as big as a house I know a fella He eats like a horse Knocks his old balls Round the old golf course You oughta see his wife She's a cute little dish She smokes like a chimney And drinks like a fish There's a big old goofy man Dancing with a big old goofy girl Ooh baby It's a big old goofy world Now Elvis had a woman With a head like a rock I wished I had a woman That made my knees knock She'd sing like an angel And eat like a bird And if I wrote a song She'd know ever single word Kiss a little baby Give the world a smile If you take an inch Give 'em back a mile Cause if you lie like a rug And you don't give a damn You're never gonna be As happy as a clam So I'm sitting in a hotel Trying to write a song My head is just as empty As the day is long Why it's clear as a bell I should have gone to school I'd be wise as an owl Stead of stubborn as a mule.


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