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IT'S A HARD LIFE WHEREVER YOU GO (Nanci Griffith) Nanci Griffith - 1989 Also recorded by: Pat Kilbride; Storyhill; Guy Mendilow. I am a backseat driver from America They drive to the left on Falls Road The man at the wheel's name is Seamus We pass a child on the corner he knows And Seamus says,'Now, what chance has that kid got?' And I say from the back,'I don't know.' He says,'There's barbed wire at all of these exits And there ain't no place in Belfast for that kid to go.' Chorus It's a hard life It's a hard life It's a very hard life It's a hard life wherever you go If we poison our children with hatred Then, the hard life is all they'll ever know And there ain't no place in (Belfast) for these kids to go (Chicago) (this world) A cafeteria line in Chicage The fat man in front of me Is calling black people trash to his children He's the only trash here I see And I'm thinking this man wears a white hood In the night when his children should sleep But, they slip to their window and they see him And they think that white hood's all they need Chorus I was a child in the sixties Dreams could be held through TV With Disney and Cronkite and Martibn Luther Oh, I believed, I believed, I believed Now, I am a backstreet driver from America I am not at the wheel of control I am guilty, I am war I am the root of all evil Lord, and I can't drive on the left side of the road Chorus (Contributed by - February 2007)


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