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IT'S A LITTLE LATE Ty Smith Hear This Song! It's a little late to say goodbye I think the time has come to try. I don't care what your friends will say Knowing you-you told them all-yesterday. It doesn't matter how much pain there is, I just have to get out of the mess I'm in; Put myself together once again. But it ain't easy, it ain't easy You said you cared enough to see it through, I never dared the thought of leaving you. I'm not sure if it's love we've lost; You can't deny the tears it's cost. And I won't let you stand and get in my way, The song is over and the song's been overplayed. I'm leaving now, there's nothing more to say, But it ain't easy, it ain't easy. Copyright Tyler W. Smith All Rights Reserved Hear This Song!


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