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IT'S A NEW WORLD from 1954 film "A Star Is Born) (Harold Arlen (m) Ira Gershwin (l) 1954) Judy Garland with orchestra conducted by Ray Heindorf recorded 1954 How wonderful that I'm beholding A never-never land unfolding, Where we polish up the stars and mountains we move, In a life where all the pleasures we will prove. It's a new world I see, A new world for me! The tears have rolled off my cheek And fears fade away ev'rytime you speak. A new world, though we're in a tiny room, What a vision of joy and blossom and gloom! A new found promise, one that will last, So I'm holding on and I'm holding fast! You've brought a new world to me, And that it'll always, always be! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - December 2016)


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