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IT'S A WOMAN'S WORLD (from the 20th Century-Fox Cinemascope production "Woman's World" [1954] ) Music: Cyril Mockridge - Lyrics: Sammy Cahn The Four Aces It's a woman's world when she's in love, It's a woman's world. His kiss can make her glow And that's what makes it so. (Her happiness proves) It's a woman's world, stars dance above, It's a lovely world - His footstep at the door Just proves it more and more. His hopes, his dreams and his ambitions, All the ups and downs she'll gladly share. She'll give her all without conditions; When he looks around, she'll be there. It's a woman's world, ask any man, It's a woman's world, and he's so glad it is, For when it's hers it's his. It's a woman's world but only because it's his. (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars - March 2010)


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