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IT'S DELIGHTFUL DOWN IN CHILE from 1949 New York musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" click here for tracks from the film version (Jule Styne (m) Leo Robin (l) 1949) Carol Channing Rex Evans & Chorus (original cast) with Orchestra conducted by Milton Rosenstock [re] Can you visualise a little hacienda Where we could spenda a weekend-a? [cc] And I could pretend-a That I'm a Chilean, To whom you'd lend a Couple of million! [re] A couple of million? It's delightful down in Chile Where the nights are nice and chilly, And the golden moon is hanging low, oh! [cc] Dai-dai-de-dai-dai, dai-dai-de-dai-dai, [re] Oh, you'd be such a Sweet muchacha! [cc] We could do a lot in Chile, And it might get hot in Chile! [re] Even when the ocean breezes blow, oh! [cc] Dai-dai-de-dai-dai, dai-dai-de-dai-dai, Me amigo, When do we go? [re] You, why you would be beautiful there, Wearing a rose in your hair. [cc] Don't you think I ought to wear Chin-chile? [re] It's just as nice in Piccadilly, [cc] Or in Brooklyn or in Philly, [re] Yes, or in Raleigh, Or in Bali-Bali! [cc] Dai-dai-de-dai-dai, dai-dai-de-dai-dai, [re] Yes, it would be rather jolly [both] Down in Chile, on a chilly night! [re] Aye, why I could be happy no end, Just think of the hours we'd spend! [cc] Don't you think we ought to spend Some pesos? [re] Yes indeed, it would be topping If we found some time for shopping, But of course we'd have to stop for tea-a! [cc] Rather! Dai-dai-de-dai-dai, dai-dai-de-dai-dai, [re] Oh mamma-mia! [cc] I'll si-si ya! [both] Down in Chile on a chilly night! [chorus] Down in Chile, Way down in Chile on a chilly night! [re] But it's awf'ly nice in Paris, [cc] There's a lot of spice in Paris When a blondie feels like rendezvousing! Dai-dai-de-dai-dai, [re] Oh dai-dai-de-dai-dai, [both] We could do what we'd be doing! [chorus] Down in Chile they'd be billing and cooing, Down in Chile, Way way way way way way way way down in Chile, So don't you think it's really kind o' silly To travel willy-nilly Down to chile, When in Paris men are slicker And his friends are mighty quicker On a chilly night? Night, oooh, aah! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - November 2013)


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