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IT'S DIFFERENT NOW (Clive Westlake) Clodagh Rodgers - 1972 Cilla Black - 1972 Elvis Presley - 1973 (Rehearsal Recording) I used to think that when you fell in love Love would never change But it's different now And to those who've never been in love This may seem very strange But it's so different now I used to wonder if the feeling that we had Would last and never fade away But it's different now It changes every day I used to look at you and tell myself How wonderful you are But, you're so different now For to me you're much more wonderful More wonderful by far Yes, you're so different now There's more to love than holding hands and stealing kisses When you think that there is no one else around There's the good times and the bad There's the ups and the downs we've had That's the difference now And I'm so glad I still have you For I know you so well, I believe I can tell What you're thinking before you think it yourself And I'm happy to say you feel the same about me It's a look in the eye, a smile on the face A tear that you cry, a hair out of place It's you as you are and not what you should be There's always something new to see I look at you, you look at me And we're so different now Love gets better every day And in some peculiar way It's always different now And if we ever said goodbye You'd be lost and so would I And that's the difference now Between a love just for a day And a love that's here to stay That's the difference now, the difference now (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - February 2017)


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