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IT'S FOOLISH BUT IT'S FUN From the film "Spring Parade" (1940) (Gus Kahn / Robert Stolz) Deanna Durbin (Film Soundtrack) - 1940 The Organ, The Dance Band and Me (vocal: Terry Devon) - 1941 Petula Clark - 1957 Nana Mouskouri - 1982 Also recorded by: Geraldo & The Sway Hotel Orch; Charlie Kunz; Bryan Smith & His Orch; R.A.F. Dance Band. I love to climb an apple tree Though apples green are bad for me And I'll be sick as I can be It's foolish but it's fun While wise men seek your time and space And get all wrinkled in the face From loafing in some shady place It's foolish but it's fun If it should ever come to pass That I inherit wealth I'll eat and drink and drink and eat Until I wreck my health I love to ramble over lea And chase the busy bumble bee Though the bee may light on me It's foolish but it's fun When thunder storms put folks to rout And no one dares to venture out That's when I love to slosh about It's foolish but it's fun I like to be on friendly terms With pollywogs and mangle worms And all the very deadly germs It's foolish but it's fun I love to sit beside a brook And wait for fish to bite And though they never do It's nice to think perhaps they might While others climb the mountains High Beneath the tree I love to lie And watch the snails go whizzing by It's foolish but it's fun (Orchestral Interlude) I want to sing, I want to waltz My heart is doing somersaults I love this world with all its faults It's foolish but it's fun I want to walk a garden wall Especially a wall that's tall And if I fall, I fall that's all It's foolish but it's fun I want to climb a steeple And I want to ring a bell So I can tell the people That I like them all so well The grass is green, the sky is blue The cows go moo, the cuckoos coo I want to be a cuckoo too It's cuckoo but it's fun (Contributed by Bill Huntley - February 2005)


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