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IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO BE SORRY (Words by James E. Dempsey / Music by Joseph A. Burke, 1918) I watched a sweet rose droop and die, for want of rain and wondered why, the rain drops, when at last, they came, could not restore its bloom again, you're like the rose, I'm like the rain, you wanted me and called in vain, perhaps you wondered why I'm here, I've come to say I'm sorry dear, I know on God's unerring slate the charge against me must be great and every sinful move I've made is entered as a debt unpaid but in the book we all know of I've found these tender words of love "When tears of sweet contrition flow then scarlet sins are made as snow." It's never too late to be sorry I'm sorry I taught you to care I wish I could lift from your shoulders the cross I have made you bear I can't mend a heart I have broken there isn't a thing I can do but its never too late to be sorry and God knows I'm for you.


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