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IT STARTED WITH A KISS Title song from the film "It Started With A Kiss" (1958) (Music: Rudy Render / Lyrics: Charles Lederer) Debbie Reynolds (Film Soundtrack) - 1959 It started with a kiss, and I was so naive I couldn't make myself believe A kiss more or less could matter Then it was boom, New Year's Eve It started with a kiss, like one I'd never had He flipped me off my launchin' pad If only I'd removed his fuses But I forgot and I'm glad Maybe love can never be based on A mere physical attraction But you know who my bet's placed on And that boy's got part of my action It started with a kiss, look out for kissing games They're awfully dangerous for days His lips were his only weapons And I got shot down in flames And it started with a (*kissing sounds*) Yes, it started with a (*kiss sound*) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2018)


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