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IT’S THE DREAMER IN ME (James Van Heusen (m) / Jimmy Dorsey (l) ) Helen Hume (with Harry James & His Orchestra Jan 5 1938 Also featured in the October 22 1938 movie short on Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra This song has become a jazz and pop standard. Also sung by: Helen Forrest (with Benny Goodman & His Orchestra) Scot Albertson When I hold you near me I can picture clearly A world of our own In another world, we’re alone It’s the dreamer in me. When your kisses flame me You can hardly blame me For what I may do For they start the dreamer in me Dreamin’ over you. You’re close to me And I can see our future looks bright It’s in the stars and in your eyes tonight Please be sympathetic When I get poetic, concerning your charms If they seem to melt in my arms It’s the dreamer in me. (Transcribed by David Story - September 2013)


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