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IT'S THE PRETTY THINGS YOU SAY (Alfred Bryan / Ted Snyder, 1908) You ask the reason why I love but you, Little girl of mine; And would you believe me if I told you true, Little girl divine! There's a thousand reasons why I love you so, But I can't tell why; But you've asked the question and you want to know, So I'll try, try, try. All the stars shine brighter, little girl of mine, If you're only nigh; And your eyes shine brighter than the stars that shine, Can you tell me why? Tell me why I'm happy when your voice I hear? Why your eyes are blue? Then I'll tell the reason why I love you dear, Only you, you, you! It's the pretty things you say, dear, And the pretty things you do; It's the pretty smiles you smile, dear, And your pretty eyes of blue; it's the pretty look you give me When I ask you to be true, It's the very pretty girl you are, That's why I am so fond of you.


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