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IT'S TIME TO BEAT THE DRUM Lyrics and Music by Joan West (1977) Joan West It's time to beat the drum, unfurl the flag, And raise the cry. Awake, America; let's show the world We still believe in peace and freedom, In do-or-die. (Chorus) America, America, we answer to the call. America, America, we'll never let you fall. It's time to ring the bell, for bugles call. Alert the guard! Arise, America! Protect your shores, Take to the field, defend your honor Or perish hard. (Chorus) It's time to sound the gong for freedom's march. Call the parade! Stand up, America! Yes, stand for pride and decency. Have faith and courage; Be not afraid. (Chorus) It's time to be aware of fellow man. Protect his right. God bless America and liberty. Justice for all must be our beacon, Our guiding light. (Chorus) (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - February 2012)


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