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IT'S YOU I LOVE >From the Broadway Musical "Sons O' Guns" (1929) (J. Fred Coots / Arthur Swanstrom / Benny Davis) Lili Damita (Broadway Production) - 1929 Olga Albani - 19929 Victor Arden-Phil Ohman & Their Orch. (vocal: Frank Luther) - 1929 A boy and girl dreamed of one another They always thought they would need each other They met by chance and the boy was lonely The girl was only the girl to be They met again and she grew to love him There was one sweet kiss, then she whispered this...... I'm learning more with ev'ry meeting It's you I love With all my heart I keep repeating It's you I love I always dreamed I would discover My man, my lover With all the others I'm through I know that it's you I love (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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