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IT TEARS ME UP Percy Sledge I see you walk with him, I see you talk to him, It tears me up It tears me up And start my eyes to cryin' Oh, oh, I can't stop cryin' I see him kiss your lips, And squeeze your fingertips, It tears me up It tears me up I feel like I'm dyin' Oh, oh, I must be dyin' It's a cold, cold world I'm livin' in I turn my back and there you are with my best friend Oh sometimes we pass on the street darlin' And you looked at me and you can say, "I'm sorry, my sweet" Maybe just saying I'm sorry would be enough But then you'd look back at him, with your perfect smile, And that'd make me feel kind of rough. Oh darlin It tears me up I see you smile at him, You'll never tire of him It tears me up. It tears me up. But there ain't nothin I can do now Baby can't you see I'm still in love with you Oh, can't you see I'm still in love with you, baby Still waitin for something that I cannot have Oh, baby, nothin' tears me up so bad, Can't you see that I'm still in love with you baby Oh, that tears me up so bad now baby {fade}


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