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I USED TO BE COLOR-BLIND (Irving Berlin) Recorded by: Fred Astaire; Mildred Bailey; Tony Bennett; Ella Fitzgerald; Benny Goodman; Jack Hylton; Ingham-Reitmeier Quartet; Helen Merrill; Ray Noble; Anita O'Day; Dave Pell; Oscar Peterson; André Previn; Ginger Rogers; Ralph Sharon Trio; Artie Shaw; Daryl Sherman; Jack Teagarden; Francis Thorne. Strange How a dreary world can suddenly change To a world as bright as the evening star Queer What a difference when your vision is clear And you see things as they really are I used to be color-blind But I met you and now I find There’s green in the grass There’s gold in the moon There’s blue in the skies That semi-circle that was always hanging about Is not a storm cloud, it’s a rainbow And you brought the colors out Believe me it’s really true Till I met you I never knew A setting sun could paint such beautiful skies I never knew there were such lovely colors And the big surprise Is the red in your cheeks The gold in your hair The blue in your eyes


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