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I'VE BEEN FLOATING DOWN THE OLD GREEN RIVER (Joe Cooper / Bert Kalmar) (1915) Recorded by: Rick Gay; Turk Murphy Jazz Band. Half past four, Dan Mc Graw, came sneak-ing to his wif-ey's door. She'd been wait-ing up all night, Wait-ing for him to go to bed. Dan-ny smiled, like a child, but his wif-ey grew very wild Where have you been all night long?, she cried And this is what Dan-ny re-plied: I've been float-ing down the old green riv-er on the good ship Rock and Rye. But I floated to far, I got stuck on a bar, I was out there a-lone, wish-ing that I was home. The ship got wrecked with the captain and crew, And there was on-ly one thing left to do, So I had to drink the whole green riv-er dry to get back home to you. (Repeat chorus) Do you think she bought his story?


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