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I’VE DREAMED OF YOU (Rolf Lovland (m) / Ann Hampton Calloway (l) 1995) Barbra Streisand 1999 Rolf Lovland wrote the original melody (known as Heartstrings) for the soundtrack of Secret Garden (1995) The lyrics (by Calloway) were added later for this song and were written by request and specifically for Barbra Streisand on the occasion of her marriage to James Brolin (July 1998). The song was renamed for this purpose. Also sung by: Ann Hampton Callaway Katherine Jenkins 2009 Giorgia Fumanti 2007 Steve Taylor Travis Moser Gregory Moore Jessica Weidman James Morgan Larry Costa Pam Lauffer Sonny Giovia I've dreamed of you Always feeling you were there. And all my life I have searched for you everywhere. I caught your smile in the morning sun I heard your whisper on the breeze at night. I prayed one day That your arms would hold me tight. And just when I Thought love had passed me by We met. That first look in your eyes I can't forget. You melted me with your tender touch I felt all fear and sorrow slip away. Now here we stand Hand in hand, this blessed day. I promise you As I give to you my heart That nothing, nothing in this world Shall keep us apart. Come happily ever after be The man I'll love until the very end. I've dreamed of you My great love and my best friend. For God must know How I love you so. He's blessed us here today as man and wife. Come dream with me As I've dreamed of you All my life. Come dream with me As I have dreamed of you All my life. (Transcribed by David Story - August 2013)


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