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I'VE GOTTA CROW from 1954 New York musical "Peter Pan" (Moose Chalap (m) Carolyn Leigh (l) 1954) as recorded by Eydie Gorme 1956 (Peter Pan, Peter Pan, please tell your story) I've gotta crow, (crowing) I'm just the cleverest fella 'twas ever my fortune to know. (crowing) I taught a trick to my shadow to stick to the tip of my toe, I've gotta crow! (Oh Peter, please tell us more) I've gotta brag, (crowing) I think it's sweet I have fingers and feet I can wiggle and wag. (crowing) I can climb trees and play tag with the breeze in the meadow below, I've gotta crow! (Oh Peter, why must you crow?) If I were a very ordinary everyday thing, I'd never be heard, Cock-a-doodling 'round like a bird! (That's absurd!) (crowing) But naturally, (crowing) When I discover the cleverness of a remarkable me, (crowing) How can I hide it when deep down inside it just tickles me so? I've gotta crow! (Oh Peter, please teach us) You'd do it too, (Me?) Uh-huh! And if you choose you will find such unusual things you can do, (crowing) You're getting warm but your mouth should be forming a happier "erk!". (crowing) (Just listen to Peter crow) Don't be such a sissy, prim and prissy, let out a crow! You've nothing to fear, Come and whisper it close to my ear, let me hear! (crowing) Now everyone crows, (crowing) Just be your own booster, Pretend you're a rooster And crow when you crow, (crowing) Give us the proudest And gayest and loudest, The crows that you know, Everybody let go, and crow! (crowing) (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2016)


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