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I'VE GOTTA GET UP AND GO TO WORK >From the film "Moonlight And Pretzels" (aka "Moonlight And Melody" (1933) (Herman Hupfeld) Adrian Rollini Orch. (vocal: Red McKenzie) - 1933 Jack Payne & His Band - 1933 Irving Aaronson & His Commanders (vocal: Dick Robertson) - 1936 As recorded by JACK PAYNE & HIS BAND: Good morning, good morning Another new day is dawning It's time to stop this yawning There's a lot of new things that have gotta be done I've less than an hour For a shoeshine, shave and a shower I'm doing all in my power To get a face in the red hot sun Exactly eight o'clock Say, where's my other sock I've got a job, so help me, Bob I've gotta get up and go to work Must be there on the dot I hope you made my coffee hot Bring on those eggs, those scrambled eggs I've gotta get up and go to work I'll do my best to make some dough So I can come home and say We're out of debt, it's really so You'll never regret our wedding day If I could stay right in my bed But I must get up instead One kiss and then, like all good men I've gotta get up and go to work (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2012)


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