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I'VE GOT THE NICEST LITTLE HOME IN D-I-X-I-E (Walter Donaldson, 1917) Talk bout cryin' , talk 'bout sighin' That's bout all I do; I'm always feeling blue; Seems to me there's nothing new, Talk 'bout grievin' talk 'bout grievin' That's my middle name, Why, I must be insane Or I'd be right on a train I've got the In an hour, in an hour, I'll be on my way, I've just got time to say, "Best of luck, so long, good day," Can't get over, can't get over How you've treated me When I get back you'll see, I'll tell my whole darn family. nicest little home in Dixie, DIXIE Any other place is Nixie, N-I-X-I-E. The sun just loves to shine On that Southern home of mine, And everybody greets a body Comin' down the line, would you believe it I can almost smell the honey From the honey suckle vine, It's sweeter than the honey from the bee, double E - B - 4 - L - O - N -G I'll B T - H - E - R - E. O - G - U - C - I - L - O - V - E D -I - X - I - E! Patter D is for the dumplings that my mammy goin' to make I is for the icing that she'll put on the cake, X is for the kisses at the bottom of her note, The other I, I don't know why, It always gets my goat. E is for a pair of eyes, I mean my little pet; L is for the loving that I'm pretty sure to get A is for the answer that she gave to me N is for the neighbors and a jubilee, D is for the day I'll put a ring upon her hand, Every letter has a meaning When you're spelling Dixieland. I've got the


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