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I'VE GOT TO PASS YOUR HOUSE (TO GET TO MY HOUSE) (Lew Brown) as recorded by The Andrews Sisters with Richard Wolfe & his Orchestra 1959 I've got to pass your house To get my house, And that's what makes me blue; Just wonderin' who Is sittin' with you, And doin' the things that I used to do. I have to close my eyes When they meet your eyes, For in your eyes I see No longin' for me, Just deep sympathy, A message that says it just had to be! I may wander here and there, Lookin' for a thrill. Someone else can make me care, I think I care until - I start to pass your house To get to my house, I swear I'll move away! But then the next day, I wake up and say, "He may change his mind, I guess that I'll stay", I'm funny that way, I'm funny that way. I guess that I'll stay, I'm funny that way! [ends] (Transcribed by Peter Akers - January 2016)


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