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I'VE LOST YOU SO WHY SHOULD I CARE (Richard Howard, 1916) The beautiful story is ended, Our wonderful romance is through, And I might have known it was only a dream For it all seemed too good to be true. For the wrongs that we do we must suffer, And that's just the reason we met, You came that I might make atonement Through you I must pay ev'ry debt. We bring nothing in the world with us, We can take nothing out when we go, So why should we care if we live or we die, When our gladness is turned into woe. I'll be glad when my sad life is over, When they lay me away to my rest, For while I must live broken hearted The worst can be only the best. Oh why should I care what becomes of me now I had nothing to live for but you Oh why should I care if I fall by the way When I know that no longer you're true My sorrow is sending me down to my grave 'T is greater than I can bear, If they bar me away, from heaven some day, I've lost you so why should I care.


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