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I'VE NEVER SEEN A SMILE LIKE YOURS From the film "Alibi" (1929) (Justin Johnson / Eddie Frazier) Virginia Flohri (dubbing for Irma Harrison - Film Soundtrack) - 1929 Alfredo & His Band (vocal: Joe Lee) - 1929 Al Starita's Piccadilly Players - 1929 Eddie Harding & His Night Club Boys - 1929 Lucien La Riviere & The Blue River Band - 1929 Smiles have been my weakness I submit with meekness To the girl with the wonderful smile Now my search is ended For I've found the girl intended After searching many a weary mile For I've travelled the whole wide world Seen all there is to see But never a smile like yours Met all the choicest girls Good looks and diamond pearls None with a smile like yours, dear I've been in England, in Russia and France On old Broadway and Main Street And I've had my chance to see If someone could smile like you Honey, in all the world I've never seen a smile like yours (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - May 2017)


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