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I'VE TAKEN A LIKING TO YOU (Words by Harry D. Kerr / Music by W.C. Powell, 1907) Since we first met, my heart's been set in winning your love some day; your eyes of blue, show you'll be true, if cupid will lead the way. Your golden hair, 'tis not rare, seems different from all the rest; I've liked a score, but I think more and more that you're by far the best. 'Tis true, they say, that some fine day, your fate you will meet at last; now if that's so, then I will know that day has come for me just passed. For I can see, you have won me, and wouldn't it be right fine, if I but knew I could only win you, to tell me you'll be mine. I've taken a liking to you, yes you, that's true, there's something about you that charms, your smile, your style, in all this wide world there's but few, like you, to woo, so tell me you may learn to like me someday, for I've taken a liking to you.


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