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I WANT A GOOD MAN Magidson / Cleary / Williams as rec by Annette Hanshaw & her Sizzling Syncopaters July 21st 1930 New York Gee I'm awful lonesome, I need company, 'Cause I've turned ny sweetie down, For he's been cheatin' on me! Now I'm by my ownsome, An' I'm thinkin'of; I'm just lookin' round for a new sweetie, I want somebody to love! Won't somebody hear my plea? I'll be sweet as I can see! I wanna good man, And I want him bad! If you crave endearing charms, I can fill your empty arms! I wanna good man, And I want him bad! To take a chance In love's romance, Now that's right where I shine! For love indeed Is what I need, Affection is my line! In my plea, for goodness sake, Won't someone give me a break? I wanna good man, And I want him bad! If you're poor or if you're rich, Strong or weak, I don't care which! I love to have a good man, And I need him so bad! If you're hot or if you're cold, I don't care if you're young or old, I'd even take one ninety three, But I want him so bad! Now look at me; you will see I'm very very real! Don't have the dough Of Sarah Bow, But lots more neck appeal! Now's your chance, men, hear me say, "This may be your lucky day!". I wanna good man, And I want him bad! Say, I still own A country home, 'Way from noise and fuss; A little love nest, A place to rest, The rest is up to us! Here I am, make up your mind, Girls like me are hard to find! I wanna good man, And I want him so bad! (Contributed by Peter Akers - January 2011)


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