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I WANT A GROWN UP MAN Anita O'Day (l) Wick (m) Anita O'Day w Stan Kenton & his Orch rec Jan 16th 1945 Los Angeles I want me a grown up man to sing to, I want me a grown up man to cling to! I guess I've just had enough Of all this puppy love stuff, Wanna grown up man! I want me a grown up man who will please me, I'm tired of all the ones who tease me! I wanna sigh till I'm weak, Don't wanna kiss on the cheek, Wanna grown up man! Sinatra, Mature, Cary Grant's allure Are the theme of my glamorous dream; I've got to get away from this xxxx? label, I'm ready, willing, but not quite Grable! I don't want romance with Mickey Rooney, Or any of the kids that ever knew me! But I'll still take what I can, 'Cause somebody else wants a grown up man; You know who! I know who! It's Uncle Sam! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - July 2011)


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