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I WANT SOMEONE TO CALL ME DEARIE (Words and Music by: Roy L. Burtch, 1920) My story old, but often told, how Adam first married Eve. So since then, both girls and men, are happy as can be. Now I've been looking all around, I'd like to see who can be found. I'm in line, if I can find, just one, just one, To keep this heart of mine. I had a dream, the other night, how I wish it would come true. I had found, the one I loved, my search on earth was thro'. We had a cozy winter flat, a summer home, and all like that. Do tell me, someone you know, just one, just one, Right to your friend I'll go. I want someone to call me dearie, In the town where I live and stay There would be no lonesome hours, in this little world of ours; We'd love and help each other day by day A goodnight kiss what joy and bliss For wealth I do not care I want someone to call me dearie A happy home to share.


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