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I WANT THE TWILIGHT AND YOU (Arthur Lamb / Charles H. Maskell, 1920) Summer and sunshine will tell me of you, When birds are singing their melodies true, Roses in bloom and the air filled with song while fondly for someone I long Bells in my memory chiming so clear, Thoughts in my heart tell of one ever dear. I am so lonely for love fond and true, Oh! I want the twilight and you Let us meet where Roses bloom Sweet the air with love's perfume We will know a bliss divine, With your dear hand in mine. Dreaming dreams that are not in vain while we kiss and kiss again, Love a perfect joy shall be, Oh! come back soon to me. Love I am waiting for joys we once knew, Love I have thousands of kisses for you, Love I am longing to see your dear face, And pining for your fond embrace So I will wait for the close of the day, When sunset glories are fading away, Wait 'till you come dear as you used to do, For I want the twilight and you The twilight and you The Twilight and you.


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