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I WANT TO LEARN TO DANCE Rusty Hurren Rusty Hurren with Lou Preager & his Orchestra recorded 1940's I want to learn to dance, I want to be a popular guy; I want to learn to dance, I'm tired of romance passing me by! I want to step on the floor With the eyes of ador- -ing girls admiring my grace, But when I take the floor, You can be pretty sure That I'll fall flat on my face! The teachers all agree I have the necessary physique; Is there no hope for me? I go to dances four times a week! I hang around in the hope That somebody will cope With my feet, and give me the chance To prove, in spite Of I don't know my left from my right, I want to learn to dance! At the moment my waltz is erratic, Both my rumba and samba are sad. In a quickstep my feet become static, Pretty soon I feel I'll go mad! It really worries me To think that I might never succeed. Won't someone hear my plea? It's only sympathy that I need! I don't aspire to the ballet, A Saturday night at the Palais Could bring me romance! I wouldn't wander around Like a fellow who's in a trance; I wouldn't wander around in a trance If I could learn to dance! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - April 2013)


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