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I WANT TO SLEEP WITH YOU (Jerry "Swamp Dogg" Williams / Ruth Brown) Ruth Brown - 1976 I never believed in love at first sight till I layed eyes on you Never thought about marriage, but right away I wanted to say "I do" I thought that love was somethin' made for fools But now I'm a-gonna, Lord, I wanna, yes, I wanna sleep with you I didn't know what to do with myself, I had a feelin' like I'd never felt I had no other choice, I had to do what I can do I said don't make me go, I got a feelin' that I can't control Would it be asking too much to sleep with you You looked at me and smiled And said, "All the while I been here, you've been on my mind" You said, "Let's not waste any time, because love is not really blind It's just sleepin' so that we can fall in love" We walked off into the sunset like cowboys do in the movies And ever since our lives have been so wonderful, beautiful and groovy I didn't know what I was missin' until my lips and yours were kissin' Lord, I'm a-gonna, all I wanna do is sleep with you All I wanna do is sleep with you Lazy, let me cuddle next to you All I wanna do is sleep with you All I wanna do is sleep with you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2015)


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