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I WAS WATCHING A MAN PAINT A FENCE Al Goodhart / Ed Nelson / Harry Pease Jack Cooper w Ambrose and His Orchestra (1940) I was watching a man paint a fence While I was waiting for you You and I had a date And was I feeling great You were late So I waited for you I was watching a man paint a fence He painted it blue Just as blue as the skies Like the blue in your eyes But the blue made me blue when I'm blue I was getting so fidgety-widgety fidgety-widgy-woo And nervous as could be I was getting so wickety-wackety wickety-wacky-too Well I thought you had deserted me I was watching a man paint a fence And then I spied you So I picked up his brush With a quick hurried rush And I painted the words "I love you" (Transcribed by Sir Isaac - July 2012)


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