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I WISH I KNEW Jenny & Gerry Reeves Jenny Reeves He Went To Sleep This Mornin' Came In From Workin' Late I Heard Him Walk In Through The Door 'Cause I'd Been Still Awake I Thought He'd Come And Kiss Me But He Just Passed Me By Didn't Even Stop To Say Hello Then I Began To Cry I've Got To Find The Answer So I'll Stay Up Late Tonight I'll Call Him At The Office To See If It's Alright For Him To Come On Home To Me I Need Him By My Side It Seems So Long Since He's Been Gone I Need Him Home Tonight SPOKEN: I WISH I KNEW Just What I've Done And Why He Treats Me So Is It Because The Baby's Due? Oh God, I WISH I KNEW I'm Prayin' Now That He Might Feel How Much He Means To Me And That You'd Find A Way To Send Him Safely Home To Me I Sat In Bed And Took The Phone With Trembling Hands I Dialed A Woman's Voice At The Other End Told Me My Husband Lied She Said He's Out Again Tonight He's Been Steppin' Out On You I Said My God The Baby's Here Please Tell Me What To Do When He Came Home That Mornin' We Looked Down At Him And Smiled My Son And I Gazed Down At Him And Saw Him Weep And Cry We're Up With God In Heaven Now And He's Left All Alone He's Payin' Now For What He's Done All He Has Is An Empty Home He's Payin' Now For What He's Done All He Has Is An Empty Home. (Contributed by Garr Norick - February 2008)


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