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I WISH WE DIDN'T HAVE TO SAY GOOD-NIGHT (from 'Something For the Boys') Lyrics: Harold Adamson - Music: Jimmy McHugh Perry Como with the 20th Century-Fox studio orchestra This night is too lovely to end; I feel that it has no right to. And you are too lovely, my friend, Too lovely to say "good-night" to. I wish we didn't have to say "Good-night". I wish that I could stay and hold you tight. I wish, I wish, I wish by every star above That we could linger long enough to fall in love. I hate to be the one to break away When I've a heart that you could take away. I hate to miss the kisses that your lips invite. I wish we didn't have to say "Good-night". Look at that moon, beaming out loud. He knows that I'm dreaming out loud. He sorta seems to say the time is right. I wish we didn't have to say "Good-night". (Contributed by Lou Rugani - The Music of the Stars (WLIP) - May 2012)


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