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I WONDER WHERE MY BABY IS TONIGHT (Walter Donaldson / Gus Kahn) Henry Burr & Billy Murray - 1925 Ben Selvin & His Orch. - 1925 Billy Jones & Ernest Hare (with Isham Jones & Orch) 1925 The Goofus Five - 1925 Jack Hylton & His Orch. (vocal: Jack Hylton) - 1925 Josephine Baker - 1926 Maurice Chevalier - 1926 Quintette of the Hot Club of France - 1939 Johnny Desmond - 1948 Also recorded by: Spike Jones & His City Slickers; Victor Sylvester & His Ballroom Orch; Dinah Shore; Estelle Reiner; Bert Weedon; Pete Allen Jazz Band; Hotlanta Dixieland Jazz; Larry Green; Mrs. Mills; Percival Mackey; John Etheridge: .... and others. I burned up ev'ry letter And thought that I'd feel better I put away her picture too Sent back each little present And though it wasn't pleasant It seemed the wisest thing to do I've done ev'rything I could and yet It isn't very easy to forget I wonder where my baby is tonight I wonder how my baby is tonight I wonder where she's gone and how she's getting on I wonder why my baby doesn't write If she came back I wonder what I'd do I wonder did she find somebody new She didn't treat me fair and though I shouldn't care I wonder where my baby is tonight I wonder does my baby do the Charleston, Charleston I wonder who is teaching her the Charleston, Charleston While I sit and sigh, the time goes draggin' by I'd like to kill the guy who wrote the Charleston, Charleston We parted 'cause I couldn't do the Charleston, Charleston She'd still be here if I could do the Charleston, Charleston I'm takin' lessons now,; I'll win her back somehow I wonder where my baby is tonight


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