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I WONDER WHERE MY EASY RIDER'S GONE? (Shelton Brooks) Sophie Tucker - 1913 Mae West (feat. in the film "She Done Him Wrong") - 1933 Also recorded by: Liza Minnelli; Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon; Peter Bocage; Tampa Red & His Hokum Jug Band; Kid Thomas Valentine; Le Petit Jazzband de Mr. Morel. Miss Susie Johnson is a crazy as can be About that easy riding kid they call Jockey Lee Now, don't you think it's funny, only bets her money In the race friend Jockey's goin' to be There was a race down at the track the other day And Susie got an inside tip right away She bet a hundred to one that her little Hon Would bring home all the mon When she found out Jockey was not there Miss Susie cried out in despair.... I wonder where my easy rider's gone today He never told me he was goin' away If he was here he'd win the race If not first, he'd get a place I never saw that Jockey trailing anyone before I'm losing my money, that's why I am blue To win a race, Lee knows just what to do I'd put all my junk in pawn To bet on any horse that Jockey's on Oh! I wonder where my easy rider's gone Oh! I wonder where my easy rider's gone He went to put my brand new watch in pawn I see him comin' round that turn What a trail that man can burn He's gonna win because my dough is on the nose Just watch my Jockey's easy rider stance He'll hit that home stretch, win it by a mile I want him to win this spree And keep a-goin' till he comes to me Oh! I wonder where my easy rider's gone Oh! I wonder where my easy rider's gone (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - January 2009)


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