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JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Title song from the 1952 Abbott & Costello film There goes Jack the reckless fool Scootin' up the beanstalk, and with another fool Maybe tonight the two, will be bottled in alcohool There goes Jack, the village loon And almost up the beanstalk, scamperin' to the moon Doesn'rt know what he's doin' He's hurrying to his ruin No giant finds it bothersome To grapple with a midget He'll pinion Jack beneath his thumb And spank him with a digit Spank him with a digit Jack and the Beanstalk We'll long remember when He shinnied up the stalk To beard a giant in his den Once up the beanstalk If Jack is set upon Then Jack be nimble, Jack be quick Or Jack you're good as gone Up, up, up, up, there he goes Up to where nobody knows Long is the beanstalk And short is little Jack The long and short of it is Is he ever coming back? Jack and the beanstalk, there goes Jac. But is Jack ever coming back? I'll be back and when I've reappeared With the Giant by the beard You will tell the kids the legend of The famous Giant Killer, Jack! Jack and the beanstalk (Contributed by - March 2007)


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