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JACQUES, A PENNILESS FRENCH MOUSE Captain Beaky & His Band A penniless French mouse, called Jacques In beret, boots and belted Mac... Strolled idly down an empty drain Protected against the wind and the rain When from a grating in the street A cigarette fell at his feet And in surprise he cried, "Mon Dieu! "It is my favourite brand, Disque Bleu." "Ma foi - these are tres bon" he said Inhaling deep, the end glowed red A smell he thought was just a drain Was gas escaping from the main Le grande explosion! Au revoir Jacques In beret, boots and belted mac... And now he has gone to the great mousehole in the sky Where mountains of bleu cheese stretch away As far as the eye can see... "Excuse moi?" "Oui?" "Which way to the Rocquefort, s'il vous plait?"


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