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JAMBOREE Jimmy McHugh (m) Harold Adamson (l) 1936 as rec by Edythe Wright w Tommy Dorsey & his Orch 1936 Start to swing, it's a jamboree! Have your fling, it's a jamboree! Get that music to wear you down, Rockin' rhythm to wear you down! Here we go, steppin' wide and high, Trumpets blow while we're ridin' high! Go to town, spread the jam with me, Start to swing, it's a jamboree! Social debs and college crooners Mix with Broadway hands; Stage celeb's and "cloak and suiters", Why, everybody jams! Crazy punks who've got ambitions, Throw them all away! Sailors, drunks, and hot musicians, Get right in the sway! Gigolos with their painted eyebrows, Pickin' up wealthy frumps; And the bigolows, known as Boston highbrows, Doin' the Harlem bumps! All the swlls and honky tonks, >From Brooklyn to The Bronx, Fell that shockin' rockin' rhythm Of the jamboree. You've got to go, Get into your stride! You've got to go, Get ready to ride! Start to swing, It's a jamboree! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2009)


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