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JANE (Freiberg / Chaquico / McPherson / Kantner) Jefferson Starship Jane, you say it's all over For you and me girl There's a time for love And a time for lettin' it be baby Jane, you're playin' a game called Called "hard to get" by its real name Makin' believe that you just don't feel the same Oh Jane Jane, you're playin' a game You never can win girl You're stayin' away so I ask you "Where you been, baby?" Like a cat and a mouse (cat and a mouse) From door to door and-a house to house Don't you pretend you don't know What I'm talking about Were all those nights we spent together, hey hey Only because you didn't know better I got to know Jane, you're playin' a game You're playin' a game, playin' a game (Jane, Jane, Jane) Woah Jane you're playin' a game But why I don't see Jane you're playin' for fun But I play for keeps, yes I do (Jane, Jane, Jane) That's a game on me, yeah (Jane, Jane, Jane) So plain to see (Jane, Jane, Jane) Janie, Janie, Janie, Janie, Janie (Jane, Jane, Jane) Why you foolin' with me, me, me (Jane, Jane, Jane) (Jane, Jane, Jane) (Jane, Jane, Jane) (Jane, Jane, Jane)


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