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JAZZ BABY (Blanche Merrill / M.K. Jerome) Marion Harris My daddy was a rag-time trombone player. My mammy was a rag-time cabaret-er. They met one day at a tango tea. There was a syncopated wedding And then came me. Folks think the way I walk is a fad, But it's just a birthday present from my mammy and dad. 'Cause I'm a Jazz Baby. I wanna be jazzin' all the time. There's something in the tone of a saxophone That makes me do a little wiggle all my own. 'Cause I'm a Jazz Baby, Full of jazzbo harmony Ya' know, that Walk the Dog and Ball the Jack That cause all the talk, Well, that's just a copy of the way I nat'chally walk. 'Cause I'm a Jazz Baby Little jazz baby that's me. Rocked to sleep while my cradle went to and fro To and fro to the tune of the Tickle-toe. Ever since I started in to growing I loved to hear the music playin' See my dear old mammy swayin' Jazz, jazz; that's all I ever knew All day long; Whoo! I never would get through Jazz, jazz, That's all I wanna do. Play me a little jazz. 'Cause I'm a Jazz Baby! Little Jazz Baby that's all. (Contributed by Andy & Mogg - December 2002)


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