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JAZZIN' THE BLUES AWAY (Dick Heinrich / Jeff Branen, 1918) Mister let me tell you this is no place to be I just got to beat it you can take it from me Slip on your tuxedo and grab your hat No use hanging 'round this flat Let's all go Wait until you hear that moanin' groanin' trombone Played by Alexander he can't let it alone Crashing of them cymbals fills you with "pep" Ev'rybody watch your step Let's all go Down to the hall down to that Ebony ball That one place I always lose those doggone Indigo blues because I'm sure to meet my Honey the gal that gets my money Mister Jazz and his band They sure do make you feel grand My goodness how they can play while with your baby you sway They are Jazzin' the Blues away.


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