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J C HOLMES BLUES G Horsley as recorded by Bessie Smith May 27th 1925 New York Listen people if you want to hear A story told about a brave engineer; J C Holmes was the rider's name, A heavyweight wheelman with a might fame! JC said, with a smile so fine, "Woman gets tired o' one man at a time! Get two or three if you have to hide; If the train go an' leave you got a mule to ride!". In the second cabin sat Miss Alice Bry, Goin' to ride with J C or die! "I ain't good lookin' and I don't dress fine, But I'm a ramblin' woman with a ramblin' mind!". Just then the conductor hollered, "All aboard!", And the porter said, "We got our load! Look a-here son, we oughta be gone, I feel like ridin' if it's all night long!". JC said, just before he died, Two more roads he wanted to ride. Everybody wondered what road it could be; He said, "The Southern Pacific and The Santa Fe". J C said, "I don't feel right, I saw my girl with a man last night! Soon as I get enough steam just right, I've been mistreated and I don't mind dyin'!". (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2012)


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