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JEALOUS HEART (Carson) Tex Ritter - 1944 Al "Mr. Flying Fingers" Morgan - 1949 Kenny Roberts - 1949 Hugo Winterhalter & His Orch.(vocal: Johnny Thompson) - 1949 Jack Owens - 1949 Bill Lawrence - 1949 Jan Garber & His Orch.(vocal: Don Grabeau) - 1949 Bob Luman - 1960 Connie Francis - 1965 Elton Britt & Rosalie Allen - 1966 Barbara Seiner - 1979 Redwing - 1991 Also recorded by: Ivory Joe Hunter; Tennessee Ernie Ford; Ray Price; The Mills Brothers; Ernest Tubb; Hank Snow; Jerry Lee Lewis; Wanda Jackson; Bill Haley; Howard White; Les Paul & Mary Ford; Johnny Rodriquez; Jean Shephard; Flaco Jimenez; Sydney Devine; Tommy Scott; Lawrence Welk; Jenny Lou Carson. Jealous Heart, Oh, Jealous Heart stop beating Can't you see the damage you have done You have driven him/her away forever Jealous Heart, now I'm the lonely one. I was part of ev'rything he/she planned for And I know he/she loved me at the start Now he/she hates the sight of all I stand for All because of you, old Jealous Heart. Jealous Heart, why did I let you lead me When I knew the end would bring me pain Now he's/she's gone, he's/she's gone and found another Oh, I'll never see my love again. Through the years his/her memory will haunt me Even though we're many miles apart It's so hard to know he'll/she'll never want me 'Cause he/she heard your beating Jealous Heart. Many times I trusted you to guide me But your guiding only brought me tears Why oh why must I have you inside me Jealous Heart, for all my lonely years. (Transcribed by Bette Carl & Mel Priddle - July 2002)


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