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JERRY THE JUNKER (Stout & Williams 1916) Clarence Williams, Asylum Street Spankers You've heard about Minnie The Moocher, and about Smokey Joe. Well gather 'round me while I tell you, about a bloke you all should know. The folks all call him Jerry The Junker, Gm down in China town. He'd Fm deaf, dumb, blind and lame, but still he kicks the gong around. CHORUS: Oh, Jerry The Junker, (Jerry The Junker). Jerry The Junker, (Jerry The Junker). Raggedy clothes, and torn shoes, How that boy can yodel them blues. Misery just seems to ooze from, Jerry TheJunker. (Jerry The Junker). He was hollow eyed and weary, run down like a heel. >From a constant sliding and slipping 'round, on life's banana peel. He feel in love with a Siamese twin, her name was Susie Brown. He ran away 'cause the other one, kept on hanging round. He dreamt last night he was Old King Cole, he called for his fiddlers three. He laughed out loud at the Queen of Hearts, when she sat on the Bumblee Bee. Little Boy Blue then blowed his horn, The Mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck 2 and Jerry flew, when the mouse ran down his sock. Additional Verses: One day he took his gal to the circus, she "fell" for an acrobat. He got sore, his hair he tore, said, "I can do all that." He put both feet behind his head, like a frog he hopped around. He then cried, and nearly died, when he tried to get them down. (Contributed by =Ae= - January 2010)


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