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JIMMY VALENTINE (aka LOOK OUT FOR JIMMY VALENTINE) (Music: Gus Edwards / Lyrics: Edward Madden) Peerless Quartet - 1911 Bing Crosby (feat. in the film "The Star Maker") - 1939 Ernie Warren & His Orchestra Feat. The Coquettes - 2010 When stars above are blinking And the house is dark and still And a sound comes click-click-clicking >From a nearby windowsill Now, if you see a figure crouching In the ghostly pale moonshine And the bullseye gleam through your startled dream Then it's Jimmy Valentine Look out, look out, look out for Jimmy Valentine For he's a pal of mine A sentimental crook with a touch that lingers In his sandpapered fingers He can find the combination of your pocketbook Look out, look out, for when you see his lantern shine That's the time to jump right up and shout 'HELP!' He'd steal a horse and cart He'd even steal a girlie's heart When Jimmy Valentine gets out (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2011)


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