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JIM, PEGGY, THE BABY AND ME (Walter Bailes) Merle Kilgore - 1972 The story you're about to hear is true Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent The first time I met Peggy, I remember well today She was with Jim and the baby, and she threw a smile my way They seemed the average family, but I saw the lonesome sign In the eyes of sweet Peggy and I claimed her for mine We became quite friendly and they soon invited me To dinner Sunday evenin' and I quickly did agree Jim, he worked the night shift, he really trusted me He said that he'd be glad if I'd keep them company The Devil must be laughin', he so wisely set the trap With the little baby nappin', I pulled Peg on my lap She must have been love hingry, I'll assure you so was I Right there we started somethin' we'll pay for till we die One night Jim came home early and he found her in my arms If he'd'a just killed me, he would'na done less harm "Friend," he said, "I thank you, you've shown me my real wife So now I'll take the baby and Peg is yours for life" Well, Jim he started drinkin' and just throwin' his life away Peggy started singin', in confinement to this day The baby is in Court custody and I pray is doing well And if you're wondrin' 'bout me, I'm in a livin' hell (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2013)


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